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In 2008, Rainbow Memories became the brainchild of  Nancy Kruger of  New Jersey who wanted to do something about the inequality of products in the marketplace available to the LGBTQ community.


Rainbow Memories began by providing events for women while continuing to design and manufacture product lines for the marketplace, the first of which was released on April 15, 2014.   After observing the difficulty in finding greeting cards for same sex individuals, couples and families, with only a handful of merchants releasing a couple of cards at best, we knew that someone needed to step up to initiate a complete line of cards with a selection of equal quantity and quality as those available for the rest of society.  Our first print run of greeting cards is available now on our website, and soon to be in stores across the country. 


We "PRIDE" ourselves on designing cards with uniquely beautiful images and verses.  In the photo shoots we do, we use models who are either members of the LGBT community or who greatly support what we are trying to do for the LGBT community.  Anyone wishing to allow us use of their pictures may contact us via email.


We are also excited to announce that we are getting closer to introducing our second product line in the near future.  It was our goal to have all of our designing and manufacturing done in the USA, and although we faced many challenges in doing so, we continued to forge ahead with great determination, and with the help of many people, our dreams continue to come to life.


Although it has been a long journey getting here, we never lost sight of our objective, and the importance of this objective, and we hope the community will support and join us as we continue in this quest for "EQUALITY IN THE MARKETPLACE."

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